Monday, February 4, 2013

Reincarnation - Jesus taught it!

Yes, Jesus taught it, on my website linked below, I have listed chapter and verse of many Bible references on the subject of reincarnation, including where Jesus taught it.

Our own American Prophet, Edgar Cayce also taught it, and one Dr. Ian Stevenson, claims scientific proof of Reincarnation. There are reference links to these websites on the right side bar.

My Site - Reincarnation

Benjamine Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers wrote what he hoped would be his epitaph....

The body of B. Franklin, Printer:
Like the cover of an old book,
Its contents torn out,
And stripped of its lettering and gilding,
Lies here, food for worms
But the work shall not be wholly lost;
For it will, as he believed, appear once again,
In a new and more perfect edition,
Corrected and amended by the author.

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